10 Best Personal Finance Podcasts for Agency Owners and Freelancers

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If you haven’t jumped on the podcast bandwagon yet, you, my friend, are missing out. There are so many amazing content creators out there making magical things, and the best part is that so many of the best personal finance podcasts out there are FREE! How’s that for smart money management?  

For Freelancers: 

The Freelance Podcast 

“Don’t quit your day job”, they say – but what if that’s exactly what you want to do? Do you have what it takes to create a life as a full-time freelancer? If you ask the creators of The Freelance Podcast, it’s a maybe – and they’re keen to help you work it out. The podcast is pitched at all those people who still spend their working days dreaming about handing in their resignation and embracing the magic of self-employment – because every big journey has to start somewhere. 

Off The Charts Business Podcast

If you’re a self-proclaimed “ideas person”, you’ll love Nathalie Lussier’s Off The Charts podcast for savvy businesspeople. Nathalie has over 10 years of experience growing digital brands, selling online courses, and building profitable membership sites as the founder of AccessAlly. They say a magician should never reveal their tricks, but Nathalie mustn’t have been in the room when that phrase was coined, because this podcast is packed with MAGIC.

The Busy Creator

Ever wished you could get inside the minds of the creative people you admire? This podcast can help you get there. Hosted by art director and brand strategist Prescott Perez-Fox, The Busy Creator delves into the best-kept secrets, workflows, and mindsets of creatives at the top of their game. If you’re a perpetually busy freelance designer, writer, or software developer, this is the podcast for you.

The Side Hustle Show 

No one knows the power of the side hustle better than freelancers, and this podcast will help you take it to new heights. Maybe you’re into consulting, building websites, or spinning plates on a stick – it doesn’t matter. The point is, a successful side hustle is just a few great decisions (and, let’s be honest, a lot of hard work) away. The best thing about The Side Hustle Show (besides the fact that it’s hosted by legit entrepreneur Nick Loper) is that it features a great mix of inspiring success stories and handy how-tos (neatly categorized, of course). 

Being Freelance

With 12 seasons and over 200 interviews under its belt, Steve Folland’s podcast has become a long-time favorite. Being Freelance covers everything from the psychology of successful freelancers to the process of finding financial success without losing your boundaries (or your mind). Featuring guest copywriters, content marketers, consultants, photographers, and designers, this podcast is the creative hub you need. Freelance guests who can talk about keeping the money coming in AND fulfilling their creative desires? Yes, please!

For Agencies: 

Build a Better Agency 

Okay, so the clue really is in the title with this one. Building your agency isn’t easy. Otherwise, all agency owners would be ten steps ahead with an empty planner and a cocktail in hand. Still, there are ways to make it happen faster – and that’s where Build A Better Agency comes in. Host Drew McLellan is much more than a Disney-loving, Dodger-cheering dad. He also has a knack for nabbing invaluable insights of agency owners and leaders with a broad spectrum of expertise. 

Marketing School 

Just in case you never had the urge to spend thousands on a marketing degree, Marketing School has got you covered. The podcast covers just about everything you need to know about the world of online marketing. Whether you’re interested in hiring freelancers, handling Facebook Ads, or growing your social media following, you’ll find it all here. It couldn’t get any better, right? Wrong – the podcast is hosted by marketing heavyweights Eric Siu and Neil Patel (a.k.a. The crowned prince of SEO backlinks). Don’t miss out on enrolment!  

Smart Agency Masterclass 

If you’re a digital agency owner with a history of *traumatic client experiences*, it’s time to start making smart choices – like listening to this podcast! Host and agency owner Jason Swenk knows a few things about separating dream clients from future nightmares. By the time you need advice from a Successful Person, Jason has been there, done that, and got the interview transcript. Earning a place on my list of the best personal finance podcasts? That’s just a bonus. 

The Tim Ferriss Show

In the world of entrepreneurial heavyweights, Tim Ferris needs no introduction. The Tim Ferris Show has been downloaded more than one hundred million times, and if you think that number is impressive, you should see his list of guests. Tim has borrowed life hacks from hundreds of big names like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tony Robbins, and LeBron James. Honestly? The insights in this podcast are worth almost as much as the guests featured on it. 

Profit and Impact 

You didn’t think I’d write an article on the best personal finance podcasts and leave my own off the list, did you? I’m still working towards a release for Profit and Impact, but I’ve been busy interviewing some incredible guests! I’m SO excited about the content we’ve created so far. If you like a side of inspiration with your podcasts, I know you’ll love what’s coming. 

So there you have it: a handful of the best personal finance podcasts on air right now! With so many amazing options to choose from, your ears have a lot on their to-do list. Why not start with something nice and easy? Click here to get on the waiting list – you’ll be one of the first to know when Profit and Impact is released!

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