EP. 21 Jimmy Rose: The Key to Profitable and Happy Clients

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Podcast with Jimmy Rose

Jimmy Rose is a master of productivity and the client experience.  In this episode Nev and Jimmy talk about agency life and life beyond the agency.  

Some highlights are:
How to make new clients to stay profitable, happy, and on track to complete the project on deadline.  
An innovative way to turn internet trolls into new content.
A fast and highly profitable way to grow your existing plug in or SaaS 

Links Jimmy mentioned in during the show:
My 5 favourite productivity systems – On the homepage at https://jimmyrose.me
Content Snare free trial – https://contentsnare.com

Connect with Jimmy: 
Twitter – https://twitter.com/_jimmyrose
Facebook – https://facebook.com/jimmyrosepage
Instagram – https://instagram.com/getjimmyrose
Linked In – https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamesrose0/
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnfG0GuJW2KMQOyAtlx1Xgg

Jimmy’s Companies:
Content Snare – https://contentsnare.com
Jimmy Rose / Zapier Mastery Course – https://jimmyrose.me/zapier-mastery/
Agency Highway – https://agencyhighway.com

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