The Best Recession Pricing Strategy

For Freelancers and Agency Owners


Pricing!  We all know we need to do it well, but just how exactly do you "price well"?

The thing is - pricing your services badly is the #1 reason why Agency Owners and Freelancers find themselves burnt out, unhappy and on the relentless treadmill to make sales constantly.

Let's stop the madness!

Pricing doesn't have to be a disaster - I guarantee it.  Join me in my Pricing Masterclass and learn how to do it right, in a way that will make sure your making profit (and not just covering your costs).

July 16th, 2020

2:00pm EST

Get ready to discover:

The optimal pricing structure for Freelancers and Agency Owners

How to price with
confidence that you’ll make
a profit

The 5 BIG mistakes
that put projects
in the red

Plus:  You'll get access to Nevin's Personal Pricing Kit (it's going to add $$$ to your future revenue)



Hey! I'm Nev! 

I'm an Agency Owner who teaches people how to understand their money and how to use it as a tool to grow their business

I'm a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University, with a Bachelor's in Economics and an MBA in Finance and I’ve been featured on Fox News and in Forbes Magazine. 

Money talk doesn’t need to be scary.  Or boring.  Or something you do behind closed doors with an accountant who appears to be speaking another language.

I help Agency Owners and Freelancers make sense of their financial statements, get over the fear of having a good, hard look at the financial health of their business, and learn the language to empower them to make better decisions.

Join me in the Pricing Masterclass and get ready for a new way of looking at your services.

As Seen In:

Nev Harris - As Seen In

Talking about my business finances normally makes me want to breathe into a paper bag. Nev has a clever way of making it interesting, non-threatening and dare I say it… kind of fun? His can-do attitude left me empowered to take control of the finances of the business, without passing out from boredom. If you have a creative business, his smarts are what you need.

Ellissa Nagle,
Flourish Online.

Nev is my go-to for any question I have about money. His advice is solid and his spirit generous.

April Wier,
Sugar Five Design

As an optimistic creative, I always ignored the money and focused on the work. Nevin helped me realise that focusing on the money could help me do more work that actually matters. It's changed my world!

Cat Townsend,
The Good Alliance

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