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So… everything has changed, but nothing has changed. 

Before you ask, no… I’m not high. To be honest, I’m not having that much fun with the quarantine, but it’s worth it. I feel there’s going to be a change after this 2020 recession, and it will be a change for the better. 

But right now – there is a lot to be worried about.

We’re concerned about getting sick ourselves. 

We’re worried about infecting the people we love. 

We’re worried about the economy, our businesses… and don’t get me started on the biggest worry of all—toilet paper. 

This 2020 recession is going to change some things. 

Never in our lifetimes have we been told where we can and can’t go.  We’ve never, ever not been able to go down to our local restaurant. We’ve never, ever not been allowed to go to the mall, the movies, bars or concerts. It sucks.

Hell, this is the free world, and we like our freedom. So naturally, this is a scary time for everyone.

The thing we need to ask ourselves about this fear is how it’s serving us. 

I recorded a video on my economic perspective, and this video outlines how it affects your business and what you need to be worried about, and when. 

I’m not anti-worry. Worrying protects us. But I want you to think about challenging that worry into something productive. Here the key points of the video: 

  • How does THIS recession (the 2020 recession) hold up historically? 
  • How the strength of the economy over the last few years will help us through the 2020 recession 
  • How we survived through presidential assassinations, stock market crashes and wars 
  • 2008 compared to now 
  • Our awareness of the 2020 recession and how it affects our daily lives 

You can check out the video here.

If you need anything else, just let me know. 
Finance is my secret super power so I’m in my element right now – happy to answer any questions you have.  Send me a DM on FB here.

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