Hey Freelancer or Agency Owner...

Do you know your numbers?


Don’t worry. You’re not alone. But you ARE holding yourself back.

Don’t let fear dictate your financial future.

Know Your Numbers!


I know what you are thinking: “Hey Nev...What do you mean by ‘Know Your Numbers’?”

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Great question, Friend! Here’s the lowdown:
Know Your Numbers is a course I designed for Freelancers and Agency Owners who are frustrated by their money and want to be able to use it as a tool to make better decisions, have less stress and higher profits.
It sounds super simple and guess what? It is. 

Understanding your finances is a powerful tool as a agency owner. Unfortunately, the finance sector is filled with people who use big scary phrases like ‘in the red’, ‘accounts receivable’ and ‘gross profit’ that make the rest of us mere mortals glaze over with boredom.

My goal with this course

is to help agencies and freelancers finally solve the mystery of their finances in a fun, simplified and empowering way. Oh also make you offensively rich. Obviously. 

This course was developed out of a desire to help my agency owner and freelancer friends, because I kept hearing the same thing over and over and one thing was SUPER clear:  

Freelancers and Agency Owners, at various stages of their business journey, just had no idea what was going on with their money situation. They needed help.

I worked with them one on one to help them build better money systems, but soon I realized that this kind of financial help was needed on a much larger scale, and to be delivered in a way that wasn’t boring, or intimidating or wanky.

Are you ready to Know Your Numbers?



Meet The Team


Hi, I’m Nev! 

I'm an Agency Owner who teaches people how to understand their money and how to use it as a tool to grow their business. That sounds super dry and boring but I promise it’s not. I can make math cool. Watch me. 

I'm a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and Duquesne University, with a Bachelor's in Economics and an MBA in Finance.  

Straight up, money talk doesn’t need to be scary. Or boring. Or something you do behind closed doors with an accountant who kind of acts like he hates you but you don’t know why. 

I help agency owners and freelancers make sense of their financial statements and get over the fear of having a good, hard look at the financial health of their business. I teach them the language they need to empower them to have better relationships with their accountants and bookkeepers… because accountants bookkeepers are kind of scary.


Hi! My name is Mary Beth!

I’m a trained Elementary and Special Ed teacher who sucked at math in high school. True story. I’m more about the teaching than the numbers so I take Nev’s knowledge of finance and balance sheets and I turn it into something any one can understand. 

I’m here to make the finance of your business accessible to you. So you don’t have to waste hours of your life trying to get your accountant to stop saying ‘in the red’ and just say ‘You’re broke.’

Ask yourself this...

  • Are you tired of opening up your financial spreadsheets and feeling like you want to take a nap? 
  • Do you not know how much money your business is making? 
  • Or where the money is coming from?
  • Do you consistently tell yourself that you’re no good at math? 
  • Are you secretly terrified that your business is failing? 

You are not alone my friend. We can help.

KYN – Mockup

An online course that teaches you (agency owners, freelancers and all around math avoiders) how to understand your money.

It's a 6-week course (delivered live via webinars so you can ask any questions you have) complete with an online portal where you can log in and watch replays in your own time. 

After completing this course you'll be able to master your money and gain financial security while growing your business. Baller, right?

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So what will happen once I complete this course?

  • You will actually understand your business cash flow and be able to tweak it so you can earn more $$$
  • You will have lifetime access to our super valuable spreadsheets and budgeting tools 
  • You will have access to the amazing Know Your Numbers Community
  • You will have the peace of mind to manage your money the smart way and stop burying your head in the sand when anyone asks you about your business financials

Sound good?

April Wier BW

Nev is my go-to for any question I have about money. His advice is solid and his spirit generous.


what's inside

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This is one of the most important elements of the course - that’s why we put it in the number one spot! 


  • How to keep the tax woman off your back through year long preparation and easy hacks you can implement weekly.
  • How to create, and stick to a budget.
  • How to TRACK your budget so you know how you are progressing (Hit: Tracking progress is KEY to your financial master).
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If those two little words cause fear, confusion or for you to immediately fall asleep as you were reading then this module is just what you need. 


  • How to simplify the complex language typically used in financial reports
  • How to have better insight into your business and have the ability to ask questions and discuss your concerns with financial professionals
  • How to understand cash flow so that you can understand possible problems ahead of time.... and stop them from happening
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This module is like a blueprint that will help you:

  • Make clearer, less emotional decisions
  • Stop over spending and wasting money
  • Objectively evaluate all options (think staffing, software and new clients/projects)
  • Eliminate buyers remorse or taking on clients that don’t fit with you
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If you just cringed, groaned or even shed a tear because you have always struggled with pricing your services and products, don't worry you are not alone! And this module was created just for you. 


  • 9 proven pricing strategies
  • The best pricing strategies for YOUR business type
  • How to triple (yes triple!) what you are currently charging
  • The principles of future proof pricing
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Your thoughts can make you rich! Just kidding... try that and you'll starve! But real talk: A healthy Money Mindset is essential to really be able to create the transformation you desire. We've all taken online classes that we didn’t finish, or that we saw a small improvement initially, only to have the good stuff fade away into the distance once old habits take over. THAT, my friend is why I built Money Mindset into this course. If you change your money mindset, you'll change your money reality. There is a reason why 66% of NBA players are bankrupt within 5 years and why many lottery winners think their lucky day ended being a curse. And that reason... is mindset.


  • How to diffuse your money triggers, and reset your mindset to (and your potential).
  • How even if you aren’t born rich, you can create wealth (and an abundant mindset is key).
Cat Townsend BW

As an optimistic creative, I always ignored the money and focused on the work. Nevin helped me realise that focusing on the money could help me do more work that actually matters. It's changed my world!




Extra Bonuses

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Extra support via our EXCLUSIVE Facebook group. It's so exclusive you can't even buy your way in unless you join this course. Velvet rope all the way.

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Bi-weekly, live Q&A coaching calls where you can get all your questions answered.

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Bonus 3

Exclusive video access of Troy Dean and Nev Harris presenting at MavCon Australia on building authority, premium position and pricing.

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Bonus 4

Video masterclass - Filmmaker and agency owner, Greg Koorhan, gives step by step directions on how to create high quality video so no one will ever know that it was done on a budget.

NH - Bonus Icons V01-05

Bonus 5

Branding Training - Personal branding guru Ellissa Jayne gives a masterclass on why you absolutely must have a personal brand (Fun fact: She is the genius behind the Nev Harris brand.)

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Bonus 6

One on one coaching call with Nev Harris to review financial reports, pricing strategy and answer your questions.



Talking about my business finances normally makes me want to breathe into a paper bag. Nev has a clever way of making it interesting, non-threatening and dare I say it… kind of fun? His can-do attitude left me empowered to take control of the finances of the business, without passing out from boredom. If you have a creative business, his smarts are what you need.



  • You want to take control of your financial freedom
  • You have a positive attitude and you're ready to work hard
  • You've put aside the time to dedicate yourself to this course
  • You really, REALLY want to see results
  • You're ready to change your life


  • You get bored easily
  • You need a lot of supervision/hand holding
  • You want someone else to do the hard work for you
  • You really want to do the course but you don't have the time to dedicate to it right now
  • You're only doing the course because all the cool kids are doing it


  • Full access to my 6 week course (VALUE $1495)
  • Entry to the exclusive Facebook group (VALUE $495)
  • Biweekly, Live Q&A coaching calls (VALUE $995)
  • A copy of my templates values (VALUE $395)
  • Full support for every step of your journey (priceless)
KYN – Mockup
Tara Jonhson Circle

Nev helped me to recognize my money issues, work through them in a thoughtful and productive way and, most importantly, get a handle on my cash flow! I can now approach my reporting and money analysis with clear eyes and the utmost confidence. As a creative, we're often taught that math is not our strong suit. Nev helped me to rewrite that internal dialog, flip it and find tremendous power in my new-found money confidence. I no longer hide from my numbers: I use it as a tool for achieving success!