EP 6. BETH LIVINGSTON: The Six Principles of Productivity

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Some days it’s hard to be productive. #hardfact

Maybe you’ve had a series of late nights (and a LOT of coffee), or you just can’t seem to take the first few actually productive steps towards nailing those big dreams. 

I get it. After a few cups of coffee and a few insanely late nights, I’m a total loose canon when it comes to focused, targeted work. We’ve ALL experienced a few productivity roadblocks on the path to success.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could bypass all those little barriers and get there faster? If only you weren’t constantly fighting off the threat of scope creep, content collection bottlenecks, competing priorities, and general overwhelm… 

Becoming a genuinely Productive Person is no easy feat, BUT don’t despair – there is an easier way forward towards getting stuff done for real. 

This week I speak to Beth Livingston. As the unofficial Venus AND Serena Williams of the WordPress universe, she spends her time setting up those epic shots for her students at WP Roadmaps. 

Oh, and when she’s not playing with code, she’s busy being as productive as possible, and helping those around her to do the same.

If project management essentials are always in the land of “maybe later”, Beth’s simple summary might just kick you into productivity overdrive. 

In this episode of Profit and Impact, I get a lesson on the six principles of productivity management. Beth delves into the not-so-common sense behind the process of defining the job, breaking it down, estimating the time and costs, getting the right resources involved, establishing a change procedure, and agreeing on acceptance criteria. 

She also gives away a few handy tips for educating your clients, beating off imposter syndrome, and even glomming onto new trends. 

So what’s this conversation REALLY about?

  • The six (not-so-common sense) principles of productivity management
  • Creating a process that works for you 
  • How to save your profit margin by educating your client 
  • The game-changing magic of finding your tribe 

Why you should listen

If you’ve ever had an unproductive day (and haven’t we all?), this podcast will get you thinking about how to keep those clients happy, even when things are less peak and more trough. 


The Six Principles of WordPress Productivity 

You can quote me on that… 

“Don’t think of change as a bad thing. Change is an opportunity. It’s either an opportunity to refine what you’re working on or add something to it because somebody had a good idea along the way.” – Beth Livingston 

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