EP 4. NEV HARRIS: The Compassionate Capitalist

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When you think of the word “capitalism”, what comes to mind? 

Maybe you have a mental image of high-powered businessmen strutting around their offices, or ridiculously wealthy CEOs bathing in their money. In some cases, you’d be pretty spot-on. 

Capitalism has earned a bad reputation over the past forty years, and for good reason. The lure of a few extra dollars (or a few million) has caused its fair share of social issues, beginning with the idea of a money bath. 

We’ve seen wealthy people get wealthier, poor people suffer, and middle-class people endure a serious struggle over the housing vs. avocado on toast dilemma. 

What if the problem isn’t with capitalism itself, but with the way it has been structured, used, and abused? 

(Well, that and the price of avocados…)

The truth is that capitalism wins when we work towards solutions for the world’s problems. It’s even better when we don’t feel guilty for reaping the rewards. 

If we think of capitalism as a tool we can use to build a brighter future, we might feel a little better about enjoying its benefits. We’ll be able to enjoy the process of refining it WITHOUT sacrificing the small luxuries we work so hard to earn. 

The thing about tools is that they only work well when they’re in mint condition. Granted, they all get bent out of shape eventually, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fixed. All they need is a little anti-rust treatment to keep them looking shinier than freshly-minted silver coins…

And you’ll find just the thing in my latest podcast!  In this solo edition, I share my views on capitalism in business, and how you can have too much of a good thing.

(Even if that good thing is as delicious as a combination of peanut butter and chocolate.) 

Tune in to hear all about…

  • The positive side of capitalism
  • The difference between constructive capitalism and greed 
  • The value in taking care of people 
  • My ultimate guilty pleasure 

Why you should listen: 

This topic is evergreen, and it’s especially relevant right now. With the right attitude, we can carry on building (and rebuilding) a system that works for generations to come. If you’re keen to be part of the shift towards compassionate capitalism, you’ll find a few interesting insights in this episode. 



You can quote me on that: 

“When we’re helping other businesses, and we’re helping ourselves make more money and our employees make more money, that allows us to be bettering the community.”

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