EP. 17 Nev Harris: A Century of Impact

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Podcast with Nev Episode 17

If you had the power to make any kind of impact on the world, what would it look like? 

Would you create the kind of place that allows people to live fulfilling, healthy lives? 

A place where people share the same honorable mission and give freely of their skills to make it happen? 

Because I know I would – and in my mind, the result would look a little (okay, a lot) like Mayo Clinic. 

This world-class hospital system is much more than a non-profit-turned-successful story of philanthropy. It’s also a brilliant example of what happens when you find talented people who are committed to making a difference and reward them for their efforts. 

Until recently, the thing I loved the most about Mayo Clinic was its origin story, born of a very profitable hospital practice and a team of philanthropists who were committed to (you guessed it) profit and impact…

But since spending time there and experiencing the difference for myself, it became about much more than that. It’s about how profitability allows the vision of a few to flow down and translate into a mission of many, making a real, tangible impact in the world. 

There are so many lessons we could all learn from the way Mayo Clinic operates, and that’s what this short and sweet episode is all about.

So what’s this episode really about? 

  • The power of knowing where to invest your money for the best output
  • The key to making sure your staff members embody your company vision
  • How profit can allow you to live your mission and create the impact you want to create

Why you should listen? 

In a world filled with bad news and tragic stories, the Mayo Clinic is truly a shining example of one of my favorite principles: hard work gives us the best opportunity to make the impact we want to make on the world and be successful. After listening to this episode, you’ll have a little more hope for the future (and the present) of our world. 


Nev Harris 

Mayo Clinic 

You can quote me from that… 

“The patients are so well taken care of [and] have such a great experience that when they go home, wherever home may be – the opposite side of the world or a couple of miles from there – they tell 20 people, and out of those 20 people that they tell, seven become patients.” – Nev Harris 

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