EP 16. Nev Harris: Charitable Vs Charity

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Podcast with Nev Episode 16

Similar words very different outcomes. There are 1.4 million registered charities in the US alone and probably another million unregistered. Almost 1 for every 100 people. They all have a good mission but for one reason or another most fail to make an impact. These are sad statistics. It’s like going to an animal rescue and seeing cage after cage after cage of dogs needing a new home. You can’t rescue all dogs and you can’t volunteer or donate to every worthwhile cause. So what are you to do…. Nev shares what we can do right now to make a difference and why so many charities struggle. As always this isn’t theoretical academic nonsense. He illustrates these points by referring to his stay at the Mayo Clinic. A non profit who from one mans humble beginnings have impacted BILLIONS of people all over the world.

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