EP 13. BRIAN OBEY: The Road Up From Ruin

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We all have rough days, right? Depending on the time of year, the position of the moon, and a number of other factors out of our control, bad days range from “I got a parking ticket” to “my entire life is OVER”. 

If you’ve ever tipped that scale at the wrong end, you’ll know that it can be hard to come back from, even when other potential opportunities are knocking. No matter how much you want to get sh$% done, sometimes you just feel kind of “meh”. 

Guess what? That’s NORMAL…but it doesn’t HAVE to be the norm for you. 

The truth is that the inspiration you’re chasing could come from somewhere completely unexpected. It might be a great idea, a chance meeting, or just a really, REALLY nice car (Mercedes Benz, I’m looking at you, baby!). 

Even then, sometimes that mountain ahead is a little too intimidating for the average engine, and for those times, there’s always the hard-won wisdom of Brian Obey. 

Before he found his feet as the owner of AMPM 24/7 365 Insurance, Brian faced his fair share of mountains. Something as small as a $5 ticket made a big mess, and although it cost Brian a few golden opportunities, he chose to create his own path to success. He even managed to give others a hand up along the way. 

In this episode of Profit and Impact, Brian gives me an insight into the value of hard times, serendipity, and the true value of the things that get us out of bed in the morning. 

So what’s this conversation REALLY about?

  • How to make it through the “mud” and out the other side
  • Embracing serendipity, and making something of small moments 
  • The true value of inspiration and dedication

Why you should listen

Anyone who has been through dark times will see pieces of themselves in Brian’s story. It might just inspire you to lay down a new pathway into the future!


AMPM 24/7 365 Insurance

You can quote me on that… 

“I guess you can take your mistakes or whatever things that happen and turn it into something good if you keep [persevering], man. Keep pushing. You’ve got to be relentless.” – Brian Obey 

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