What if you could improve the health of your business by understanding only two dynamics?

This eBook will show you how

in less than 60 min.*

It Seems Like Finances Is Always Frustrating

You’ve been invited to a financial webinar where the material is too dense to understand or too high level to be impactful. Plus, they string you along to the end, just to pitch you on some other offer. This isn’t that.

Maybe you’ve had those financially-oriented friends who tell us, “it’s easy, I can show you how,” and in seconds you know that it’s not going to be easy at all. And now you have to tell your friend that you’ll hire someone. This isn’t that either.

If you’ve bought a book before on finances, you probably felt intimidated by the language in it. We call it accountant-ease and there’s nothing easy about it. This will never be that.

Nev Ebook

The Good News Comes In The Form of Nev Harris

For the last several years Nev Harris has been sharing financial wisdom and insights with thousands of people. The response is always the same, “Why hasn’t anyone ever explained it like that?”

Today you can get his explanation in written form without having to pay him to fly out to you. This ebook is easy and straightforward and a lot cheaper than his speaking fees (plus he likes fancy hotels).


In this 20-page eBook on your finances, Nev Harris demystifies all the jargon that you wish you didn’t even need to know. He uses regular words and common metaphors to help explain financial terms.

He then walks you through the same advice that he’s shared on webinars, from stage, and on calls with executives from around the country.

There are two things you have to know to improve the health of your business and inside this eBook he gives you the direct skinny on how to embrace and learn these dynamics.


The Results Are Always The Same

When you finish reading Nev’s eBook, three things are likely to happen.

Result 1 Gold

The first is that you’re going to be smiling. It’s hard to believe – especially if you’re reading finance material. But it’s true. People walk away feeling better (about their finances and about themselves).

Result 2 Gold

The second thing is that you’re likely going to email Nev and tell him how thankful and happy you’re feeling. Trust us, you don’t actually have to email him. But plenty of readers have and do.

Result 3 Gold

The third thing, and maybe the most important one, is that you’ll have embarked on a journey to get in control of your finances. And do you know what you can do when your finances are in order? Just about anything you want!

Others Say

Nev is the master and making complex things simple (while leaving the simple stuff simple).

Brad Morrison,
CEO / Founder, GoWP

Every time I hear Nev explain something, I think, he must have been a professor in a former life. He’s so helpful and engaging.

Beth Livingston,
Project Master Plan

I’ve read a ton of books like this one. This is, without question, the best. He predicted I would be smiling at the end, and I was.

Chris Lema,
GM LearnDash

What’s Hold You Back?

I can’t believe you’ve gotten down this whole page. But if you’re still on the fence about spending $9.99, let me make this easy for you.

If you buy this ebook and discover it’s not helpful, let me know (within 48 hours) and I’ll refund the full price. This is seriously a ridiculous offer. But I’m willing to make it because I know you’ll appreciate the eBook.

*The average reader can get thru 20 pages in less than 60 minutes. The above statement is based on averages and isn’t a guarantee. If you are a slow reader, this may take you 90 minutes. Even if it does, we think it’s worth the time.