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EP. 21 Jimmy Rose: The Key to Profitable and Happy Clients

October 7, 2021

Jimmy Rose is a master of productivity and the client experience.  In this episode Nev and Jimmy talk about agency life and life beyond the agency.   Some highlights are:How to make new clients to stay profitable, happy, and on track to complete the project on deadline.  An innovative way to turn internet trolls into new content.A fast and…


understanding money

Understanding Money as a agency owner in the US

January 11, 2021

Setting out into the world as a freelancer seems like a fantastic adventure – at least until you realize that understanding money is basically essential, and you have zero experience.   If that doesn’t stop you from pursuing the freelance dream (and it shouldn’t), a few tips will help you go from dreamer to butt-kicking, invoice-sending…

understanding money

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